Better Comfort Systems is currently offering a Fall Startup special.  Act now and receive the maintenance agreement labor rate of $128 per hour and a 10 percent discount off all parts.

Let Better Comfort Systems perform a thorough inspection of your HVAC system and gain peace of mind that your equipment is prepared to keep you warm all fall and winter long!!

Financial (& Safety) Advantages of Winter Maintenance

A fall startup will provide some very important monetary benefits, especially if your system has been neglected for some time. As your technician runs a thorough check of your equipment, he will adjust loose parts, lubricate moving components, and clean dirty areas. Potential problems can be diagnosed so that preventive measures can be completed so you won’t be waking up or walking into a cold home or office.  The following are some specific ways in which your budget can benefit:

  • Dirty filters and Evaporator coils can represent up to 30 percent of your heating expenses. A thorough cleaning makes it easier for air to flow inside, for proper heating levels to be reached, and for protection to your heating system. This helps your be efficient which will save you big on electricity costs.
  • Leaky ducts can add another 20 percent to the total cost to heat your home. Energy loss is already an issue in this portion of your system, and duct sealing is a priority to keep those costs lower.

Enhanced Indoor Air Quality

Another major issue addressed through heating system furnance maintenance is the condition of your indoor air. Dirty ducts and coils can aggravate your allergies or other respiratory issues.   Regular cleaning improves the condition of this area significantly.

Get More from Your System

As your maintenance is completed, you can expect to get Better Comfort and energy performance from your equipment. Additionally, you may benefit from a longer life of service from your heating system. The life expectancy of such a system is approximately 14 years. Well-maintained, however, your unit may provide you with even more years of use. Even better, Safer and Dependable years of use.




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